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The best Android Secret tips and tricks

Android is the most used operating system among smartphones. Most smartphones use their own custom UI that is covered over Android OS. A smartphone features may depend upon its UI, maybe some have more or less feature.There are so many hidden settings available inside your Android smartphone that you probably don’t know. You can use these settings to cast your Android screen, boost the Android speed, encrypt your device, etc.

Here we have discussed Top Android tricks and hacks with some Android hidden settings as well:

Multitasking on Android smartphones :

You can now use two apps in parallel on your smartphone. Android 7.0 is required.

  • From any app, tap the menu button once.
  • The most recently opened applications now appear.
  • Hold down one of the tabs and slide it up. The window is adjusted to half the screen.
  • Then select the second app for the lower half of the screen.

You can then use both apps in parallel.

    Schedule switching on and off :

    If you want to restrict your child’s mobile phone use in the evening and in the morning, you can plan to switch the device on and off:

    1. Go to Settings and then select Advanced.
    2. Tap the entry Scheduled switching on and off.
    3. In the following, you have to activate the slider and then enter a time when the device should start up or shut down.
    4. You can also set up only the planned switching on or off individually.
    5. Your smartphone will then automatically switch on or off at the desired times.

    Android Lock screen notifications :

    There, however  you are not immune to praying eyes from friends and family. Anyone who gets their hands on your smartphone can also read your notifications.To change this,right now just simply 
    open the settings of your smartphone and tap on  Notifications tab.
    By tapping the gear icon, you can open the advanced settings, where you can choose from the first entry whether all, no or only unimportant notifications should be displayed on the lock screen enjoy it.

    Android Encrypt Your Device :

    Your device contains lots of private things such as gallery photos, videos, document files, phone numbers, etc. If anyone hacked your devices, can misuse your videos photos & documents. You can use this setting to encrypt your smartphone’s data to make it a little more secure.
    To encrypt your device:
    go the privacy from the setting tap encrypt device using lock screen password and turn it on enjoy it. 

    Android Background Process Limit :

    If you have a low budget smartphone having low RAM memory. Use this feature to prevent the background process, as a result, it takes less RAM which means now your device will run smoothly. To use this, simply go to the developer options > Background process limit > choose any number one to four. You can set the limit of background running process apps from one to four (two or three is preferred for laggy smartphones) enjoy it.

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     Android Select Speak :

    make sure not  much useful but a feature for verbal lover. It pronounces the word or text or sentence that you select. To enable it simply go to accessibility > select to speak > toggle on.  Now click on the message logo from the bottom right corner then select the word and enjoy it.

    Root Your Android Smartphone :

    Rooting your device is a step to get the full control in your hand or privilege of the device under you. Although the support from the company may be expired instantly and you may take risks from entering viruses more often. However, after rooting the device, you can do so many things that you can do without rooting. For example, delete system apps, move apps data to the SD card, install custom ROM, hack WiFi, etc.

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    Android Turn Wi-Fi and Hotspot at Same Time :

    Android Pie already has this feature using that you can share your wi-fi to another device. If your device is not running on Android Pie then you can download the application called Net Share from the play store which lets you allow wi-fi and hotspot at the same time.

    Android Keep your Friends or Kids inside one App :

    On Android Marshmallow, go to Settings, Security and Screen pinning when activated, you can PIN apps from the multitasking screen, so the app can’t be left without a PIN. Handy for lending your handset to other people enjoy it.

    Android Unlock the System UI Tuner :

    Android Marshmallow includes a hidden System UI Tuner for playing around with the Quick Settings pane (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc). To enable it, simply press and hold the cog icon at the top of Quick Settings, then find it in the Settings app enjoy it.

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    Android Use VPN :

    VPN (Virtual Private Network is the only way to hide your identity from the internet, Neither incognito mode or other methods can do this. Incognito mode does not save history on your device but the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) easily can get your history. A VPN hides your identity completely from the ISPs by changing its server to another country.
    Use a good VPN like TurboVPN that does not sell your browsing data. Don’t be afraid, your ISPs may sell your browsing data too enjoy it.

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