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Prashanth Neel K.GF Chapter 1 : Four Year Old Prasant Neel Locked Up in Telgue: KGF Director


KGF 2 has made strides to make all the records at the box office to Hindi. He left that success to his side and now director Prashant Neal is facing the shooting death of Salar. Still, there was talk of this mid-KGF 3 cinema Prashanth Neel Direcotor movie list. It was also rumored that KGF 3 will be launched this year. However, five years on, Prashanth Neil, Kannada cinema is in doubt.

Commenting on Twitter, executive producer of the film, Kartik Gowda, responded on Twitter saying that the KGF 3 cinema has been running for the same year. “I have not thought about this for a while now,” he replied. To promote the saying, Telugu allies have launched a poster in Telugu.

Currently, Prashant Neil Salar is busy shooting cinema. The shooting of the film will begin by the end of this month. Prashanth Neel’s directorial release has been delayed till now. It is said that he will be filming for Junior NTR as soon as this film is over.

Solar and Junior NTR can be up to four years from the time these films are ready. Prashanth Neel will be doing Kannada cinema. There is no question as to whether Salar and Junior NTR films are coming in Kannada. This is because both films will be released in dubbed Kannada, though not directly in Kannada.

Curious that Prashanth Neil will be doing Mathyaava films after both these films are completed. While the answer is yet to be answered, he has two more Kannada films. He has already announced that he will make a film for a Sriramulu. Another KGF 3. Which of the two films is a curiosity at first.

K.G.F: Chapter 1 Directed by Prashanth Neel

Prashant Neel said in an interview that the film has been inspired from the epic Mahabharata completely. The gangster family of the Kolar Gold Fields is based on the Kuru family where the old freaking Suryavardhan resembles Dhritrasthra/Bhishma. Rocky’s character is completely based on Karna (the protagonist of Mahabharata) who enters in the ongoing feud of the family and emerges as the hero in the midst of this feud. Just like Mahabharata, Karna changes the fortunes of the Kuru family. Rocky goes to the Gold fields and changes the destiny of the entire gangster family and its leaders. Rocky rises from low streets to becoming the most powerful person on the planet. He is charming and handsome hero. He is the helper, savior or Daanaveer for the poor people. He is firm to his words.


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