Jungle Scout raises $110M to acquire Downstream Impact

Jungle Scout, a leading provider of software tools and resources for Amazon sellers, has raised $110 million in a Series C funding round and has also acquired Downstream Impact, a market research and analytics firm that specializes in Amazon advertising. This latest funding round was led by Summit Partners, a global alternative investment firm that has previously invested in other successful e-commerce companies such as Klaviyo and Reverb.

Jungle Scout’s platform provides Amazon sellers with a suite of tools that help them optimize their product listings, track their competitors’ prices and inventory, and manage their Amazon PPC campaigns. The company, which was founded in 2015, has quickly become one of the most popular and trusted providers of these services, with over 100,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

With this latest round of funding, Jungle Scout plans to accelerate its growth and continue developing new features and tools that will help Amazon sellers succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The company has already announced plans to expand its team and invest in new product development, with a particular focus on machine learning and AI-powered tools that will provide even more powerful insights for Amazon sellers. jungle scout amazon 110mlundentechcrunch.

The acquisition of Downstream Impact is a strategic move that will help Jungle Scout offer even more value to its customers. Downstream Impact has built a reputation for providing highly detailed market research and analytics on Amazon advertising campaigns, giving advertisers a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their campaigns and helping them optimize their spending to achieve better results. With the addition of Downstream Impact’s capabilities to Jungle Scout’s platform, Amazon sellers will be able to better understand how their advertising campaigns are performing and make data-driven decisions to improve their results.

This acquisition is part of a broader trend of consolidation in the e-commerce software and services space, as companies seek to build more complete and integrated solutions for their customers. By combining the strengths of multiple providers into a single platform, companies like Jungle Scout are able to offer more value to their customers and position themselves as the go-to provider for all of their needs.

Overall, Jungle Scout’s latest funding round and acquisition of Downstream Impact demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing the most comprehensive and effective software tools for Amazon sellers. With its rapidly growing customer base, talented team, and ambitious plans for the future, Jungle Scout is well-positioned to continue leading the way in the e-commerce software space and helping Amazon sellers succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace.