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Google recognizes Gama Pehalwan in India as the most famous wrestler, with a birth anniversary Doodle

Sunday’s Google doodle showcased a brawny mustachioed gentleman with a mace slung over his broad shoulders. It was a tribute to one of India’s greatest wrestlers, Ghulam Mohammad Bakhsh Butt, popularly known as Gama pehlwan or ‘The Great Gama’, on his 144th birth anniversary.

Gama Pehalwan was the definition of a strongman – he did not lose a single bout in 50 years, did many thousands of squats and push ups every single day and legend has it that he once fought off an entire mob. He was so menacing that the mob fled when they saw who they were going up against.

These are the 8 most important things you should to learn about famous Gama Pehlwan:

Google recognizes Gama Pehalwan in India as the most famous wrestler, with a birth anniversary Doodle

Disclaimer The information in this list comes from various sources. It is not officially known information about Gama pehalwan is extremely rare.

  1. He stood 5 feet and 7 inches tall…considerably small for an average pehlwan however his strength was legendary. He claimed to do 5k squats and 3,000 push-ups each day.
  2. His diet included 10 six chickens, and more than 1 pound of almond paste. This is the secret of his extraordinary power.
  3. He remained undefeated throughout his career that lasted more than five decades. It’s believed that no of his fights ran more than a few minutes. no one, not even the then world champion was an issue. There’s more to come on that later…
  4. The strongman rose to fame while just a teenager. He was described as an icon when his opponent was Rustam-e-Hind (Indian champion) Raheem Baksh Sultaniwala. Gama was considered to be not a match for Sultaniwala who stood over seven foot tall. Gama was able to hold Sultaniwala to a draw, and that was the start of his enthralling career.
  5. Gama pehlwan lifted one stone that was 1,200 kilograms while the time was his 20s. The stone is currently in the Baroda museum. It required 25 people and an equipment to lift it.
  6. He was so well-known so much that Prince of Wales demanded to meet him in India during 1922. He then presented him with the silver mace. So popular was Gama’s name that Bruce Lee was reportedly inspired by his work.
  7. He ended his professional career back in 1952, at the age of the 74th birthday of his career. The reason he was made to take off his gloves due to the fact that the fact that he was not getting any younger and not less able. He was unbeatable throughout an incredible 5000+ fights.
  8. This was the legacy he left behind that the doughnut-shaped exercise disc known as Hasli that weighed 100kg that he used for doing pushups and squats, is displayed in the National Institute of Sports (NIS) Museum in Patiala.




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