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‘Erturgul Ghazi’, which is being called ‘The Game of Thrones of Muslims

A serial. The name is ‘Dirilis Erturgul’. The name is ‘Resection: Erturgul Ghazi’ on Netflix. Came in 2014. His country was very popular in turkey.  five seasons have come. Then after about 6 years, its  started on the Indian subcontinent.

ertugrul ghazi

First our neighbor to Pakistan. There was a super hit. His Prime Minister Imran Khan himself appealed to see it. Then news reached the Indians.

Especially to Muslim youth. Now they are too mad. Then it was understood that the popularity of this serial has gone beyond country-society-time-language.
So, It is being called the ‘Game of Thrones‘ of Muslims.
150 episodes of two and a half hours in the original.
Netflix broke it into pieces, but then the number of episodes has increased. There are 448 episodes in total. A mind-boggling number before you start watching. But watchers claim that if they start, they will not be able to leave.

What is Erturgul ?

  • If we talk about it in one line, it is the glory story of the emergence of ‘Ottoman Empire’.
  • By the sixteenth-seventeenth century, the Ottoman Empire had become so powerful that it ruled over many languages.
  • It was spread from Asia to Europe and many parts of North Africa.
  • ‘Dirilis Erturgul’ is a very large canvas of the exciting stories of the founders and rulers of this Empire.
  • Actually this serial is the story of Kai clan. A clan with a population of only four thousand. But miles ahead of other tribes in bravery and skill. Whether it is carpeting or fighting spirit. Stories are told that each warrior had the ability to deal with ten. This is the story of the incredible rise of this clan, which finally laid the foundation of a huge Sultanate.
ertugrul ghazi

Who are the main characters? 

1. Erturgul Ghazi – the brave head of the Kai clan. Central character of the serial.
2. Halima Sultan – wife of Erturgul Ghazi. The warrior who fought shoulder to shoulder in many battles with her husband.
3. Suleman Shah – father of Erturgul. Prominent role in the first season.
4. Hayama Hatoon – Mother of Erturgul. After Suleman Shah’s death, the tribesman himself operated for many years. There were also women in their army.
5. Guldaro – brother of Erturgul. Sometimes a rebel and sometimes a companion.
6. Ibn-e-Arabi – Sufi saint and master master of Erturgul.
7. Turgut – the most loyal soldier of Erturgul. Fearless warrior etc.

ertugrul ghazi

Why is this serial so successful? There are dialogues which are being used as public quotes

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