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Computer Tips and Tricks for beginner 2020

Computer (PC) Tricks You Should Try Right Now

Theifowave- Those of us who spend hours a day on the computer may think we know all the tricks there are to make our work easier. It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks, because there are countless shortcuts that even the most proficient PC users don’t realize they could be utilizing on a daily basis. computer tricks, computer shortcuts, pc tricks, pc shortcuts

Otherwise, impress your friends with these easy computer tricks.

Battery saver settings let you get every single mA out of your battery

Theifowave- The Battery saver settings can help extend your laptop’s battery life when you’re at 32K feet and not in first class. Go to Settings, Battery saver, and make sure it is set to come on. You can adjust when it does come on based on estimated battery life remaining, and what it does to help extend things, like reducing the screen brightness and limiting the apps that can run in the background and do push notifications. Since those need CPU and Wi-Fi to work, limiting the things running in the background can really make a difference.
With so many cool tweaks and hacks, you should have found something neat and new to help you pimp your desktop, but I am sure we missed some of the best. So if you have a favourite hack or tweak that makes Windows 10 your pawn.

Find the hidden images

Theifowave- The lock screen and logon screen have some really cool images, which as it turns out, by default both rotate AND change. Seems Microsoft has a CDN that updates these images based on what you click that like or not. Want to save one or more of those images for future use? Here’s where they are hiding!

  1. Open Explorer and brows to %localappdata%PackagesMicrosoft.ContentDeliveryManager_[custom string of characters]LocalStateAssets
  2. Copy all of the files to a new directory.
  3. Open a command prompt in that directory.   

  4. Run this command
    ren *.* *.png [enter]
  5. Browse through them and find the ones you like!

Access All Your Apps in the Start Menu

Theifowave- Possibly the best thing about having the Start menu back is the ability to access all your apps from it—just click the ‘All apps’ option to see them in an alphabetical list.

Get at a Glance Information with Cortana

Theifowave- Of course, you don’t have to pro-actively search for information—Cortana aims to get you the info you want before you want it.
As soon as you click the Cortana search box—even before you actually perform a search—you’ll see a series of cards that display relevant information, which are ordered by what Cortana thinks is most relevant to you at this exact moment.

Create Multiple Desktops

Theifowave- Start by clicking the task view button next to the search bar (or icon) in your taskbar, which will bring up a button in the bottom-right corner of your screen labeled “+ New desktop.” Just click this button to create a second desktop, then click it again to create a third, and so on.          


Tricks for Typing

Theifowave- Here are a few tips that will save you lots of time when typing documents:
  • Move the cursor quicker to the beginning of the previous word by pressing CTRL+Left Arrow, instead of doing it manually.
  • To get the cursor to the beginning of the next word, use CTRL+Right Arrow.
  • Recover a deleted item with ALT+Backspace.
  • Delete an entire word by pressing CTRL+Backspace.
  • Select a word you want to highlight quickly, without dragging the mouse, by double-clicking on it.
  • Highlight a whole paragraph by triple-clicking on it.
  • Make superscript and sub text by pressing CTRL + = for sub, and CTRL+ Shift for superscript.
  • Paste in plain text and not what was originally formatted, after copying, by pressing CTRL + Shift + V.

Tricks on the Keyboard

Theifowave- Here are a few tips that will save you lots of time when typing documents:
  • Close all your windows quickly if you’re in a hurry by pushing the Windows button +D, and they will all shut immediately.
  • Rename your highlighted files quickly by pressing F2.
  • Close the program running with ALT + F4.
  • To minimize all windows only, press Windows + D.
  • Re-open your last closed tab with Shift + CTRL + T on most browsers.
  • Instead of moving the cursor to the X in the corner, press CTRL + W to close the current window.
  • Take a screen shot with ALT + Print Screen.


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